Services Choreographed and Taught by Adelante Presentations

Norma & Andy are constantly involved in sharing their expertise of dance and movement with fellow educators and community groups.  The main areas of instruction for classes and workshops are:
  • Quinceañera / Wedding Suites.  Fees are based on group size, location, time frame and number of sessions for court.
         Traditional Triple Waltz is taught.  See Video   
  • Children's Dance Workshops/Conferences.  The most popular presentation is Latin Rhythms for Young Children.
  • Solo Salsa Dances. Great activity for birthday parties of all ages.
  • Psychomotor Activity & Creative Movement.  Different areas of movement to fit any school program.
  • English Acquisition for English Language Learners with Singlish and other popular artists.                                 
  • Multicultural dances. Mexican folklorico dance at all levels.  Aztec danza for all ages.  Other ethnic dances upon request.
Feel free to contact them with any questions.  Fees for large group instruction, special classes, school inservices and specialty numbers are all contingent on numerous factors.  They work to accommodate your needs and requests.  We recommend calling early to reserve your dates.  Check out Contact page to view upcoming events and scheduling.

Quinceañera / Wedding Celebration - "Style, Grace and Elegance"

Norma Pedregón has dedicated her life to community, culture and dance. Adelante Presentations strives                                                      to balance tradition, the charm of the young lady and excellent choreography in presenting the Quinceañera to family & society.  This same high caliber of service is also incorporated into a wedding celebration for a memorable reception.

The "Quince Años" is celebrated when a young lady reaches the age of fifteen years.  This quinceañera celebration may be one of the most meaningful occasions in your daughter's life.  The quinceañera can be found in many cultures in the world.
     - In the Jewish community, the family celebrates the Bat Mitzvah.
     - The European Royal families held extravagant Debutante Balls.
     - The "Coming of Age" ceremonies can be found in international indigenous tribes.

A Quinceañera Suite is a choreographed set of dances highlighting the presentation of the Quinceañera, the Court and the Guests of Honor to family and society.  Preparing for this significant event requires much effort from family, court and padrinos.  There are so many details to attend to and organize, that many times the main purpose of the celebration is set aside.
                      Adelante will create an event with style, grace and elegance far beyond the ordinary.
                      Adelante will organize all preparations of the Quinceañera Suite with enthusiasm and poise.
                      Adelante will choreograph, rehearse and present a unique event.

All services, any added customs or specialty dance other than a traditional waltz will be finalized at the initial first meeting usually set up at the first court rehearsal location.  Remember, saving and investing towards these precious moments are small sacrifices for the beautiful memories of a lifetime.

Children's Dance Workshops / Conferences

Norma and Andy have always felt that dancing was not only fun and entertaining, but they strongly believed that a child could learn about his/her culture and develop pride about themselves.  Fortunately, during the 70s and 80s, teaching dancing was encouraged and supported by schools and communities.

Since Norma & Andy were involved in the teaching field, they were able to share their expertise with the various schools of employment.  While at Corona Elementary School in the City of Bell, they presented dance performances and choreographed routines for Cinco de Mayo, Viente de Mayo ( Cuban holiday) and even some breaking and popping.

Things got even better when Norma began working at Middleton Elementary School.  There a strong collaboration with fellow teachers enabled Norma to create many new dances to present at the annual Spring Fiesta.  The most popular has been Zapatos Nuevos by Sparx ( see youtube video ) and Techno Cumbia ( Selena ).  These dances are still presented today at various educational conferences in Los Angeles. They have been presented at:

             - B.E.S.T. Arts Conference, Long Beach 
             - Southern California Kindergarten Conference             
             - U.T.L.A. Bilingual Conference   
             - Dalcroze Conference Cal State Dominguez
             - U.T.L.A. Kindergarten Committee Conference 
             - Association Of Mexican American Educators State Conference
             - California Association Bilingual Educators
             - CAHPERD San Diego
             - Latin Festival, Long Beach

Also taught is Cumbia de Los Muertos by Ozomatli ( see youtube video) and many other dances which are related to the various year round units taught in the elementary grades.  Please feel free to contact Adelante Presentations for any added information which may help round out your psychomotor program or any upcoming performances.

Salsa Dances

Norma is never letting Andy take a break.  She, of course, became enthusiastic about Salsa dancing just for the fun of it.  This enthusiasm had them going to the Pollo Inca for salsa lessons, taking the salsa aerobic class at the YMCA Torrance and even a community dance class given through Harbor College.  Now, Norma has taken this instruction and has created an even larger repertoire of Latin style dancing for all ages.  These dances would be ideal for a salsa party for an upcoming birthday ( any age and group size) or just to have taught at a private party to add some uniqueness to your event.  Some of the dances taught are:
            Cha Cha Cha   -             Guantanamera - Celia Cruz                 I Need to Know - Marc Anthony 
                                              What does the Fox Say?        Sway - The Pussycats           Corazon Espinado - Santana      
             Merengue        -  Zapatos Nuevos - Sparx                     Suavemente -  Elvis Crespo
             Cumbia           -  Cumbia de los Muertos - Ozomatli                  Bidi Bidi Bom Bom -  Selena
             Mambo           -  Carnival -  Celia Cruz                 Micaela - Sonora Carruseles            La Comay - Sonora Carruseles
                                       La Bomba - Sangria                  Brujeria - Gran Combo             Aguanile - Marc Anthony          
                              Meneando La Cola - Sexappeal              Ave Maria Morena - Salsa Celtica       Salsaton -  El Rubio Loco

These routines will help you enjoy the latin rhythms at your next party in a more confident level.  Lessons can be arranged.

Norma can arrange to offer these dances at any location.  She has taught these dances at the YMCA in Torrance and Angel's Gate in San Pedro.  She is currently beginning this series at the Wilmington Boys & Girls Club.  Hopefully, the class will progress into a performing level with participation throughout the harbor area.  



Dance Movement / Psychomotor Inservice for Teachers

With over three decades of teaching at the elementary level, Norma has developed a Year Round Movement & Song Program to improve oral language development of not only fluent English speakers, but using total physical response ( TPR ) for English Language Learners.  Included in this inservice are songs & dances which support the cultural identity off Spanish speaking students.  Below you will see an outline of a year-round schedule that could be used to supplement any one of your educational units. Norma can inservice teachers of any grade level to incorporate dance and movement into any psychomotor program. 

This outline is composed of three different components ( Spanish highlighted in red ):
  • Songs    ( S )      From various resources.  My favorites are Greg and Steve (G&S), Jose Luis Orozco and others.
  • Dance    ( D )      Various sources, but a few are some real oldies. ( from cassette to cd - marked with * )
  • Singlish  (Sgl )    Use in a preschool program, but has proved successful for all grade levels. ( TPR )

              SEPTEMBER                                                OCTOBER                                          NOVEMBER                        

   Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes ( Sgl)              Five Little Pumpkins ( Sgl - Raffi )                 Five Fat Turkeys ( Sgl )
   If Your Happy & You Know It  ( Sgl )                     This Is Halloween ( Sgl )                          Dem Bones    ( Sgl )
             Freeze ( D - G&S )                                          Ghost Busters ( D )                            Turkey Tango ( D* )
         Days of the Week/                                     Witches' Brew ( S/D - Palmer )               Cumbia De Los Muertos ( D )
   Dias de La Semana  ( S/D - G&S )                        Months of the Year/                                   Viento ( D* )
        Juanito (  S/D - Orozco )                                Meses del Año  ( S/D - G&S )                    Gorgorote ( S* )         
             Ejercicios ( D * )                                           Y Ahora Vamos ( D* )

              DECEMBER                                                   JANUARY                                           FEBRUARY    
          Jingle Bells ( Sgl )                                           Teddy Bear  ( Sgl )                             Hurray for Mr. Lincoln ( Sgl )
       Must be Santa ( Sgl )                                     Snowflake ( S/D - G&S )                          Piggy Bank ( S - G&S )
       Santa Claus Rock ( D* )                                This Little Light of Mine ( Sgl )                     Down By The Bay ( Sg
      Mamacita ( flowchart ) ( D*                           Over The River ( Sgl )                                 Dragon Dance
      Navideña Tacoñazo ( D* )                                                                                                   Pata  Pata

               MARCH                                                         APRIL                                                   MAY
        Little Leprechaun  ( S )
       Michael Finnigan ( Sgl )                                   John the Rabbit ( Sgl )                         Today is Monday ( Sgl )
            Mr. Rabbit  ( Sgl )                                Mamí, Dónde está mi zapato?  ( S* )                Caterpillar Song ( S* )
   Boogie Walk/Bunny Hop ( D - G&S )                     Number Rock ( D - G&S )                     Skip to My Lou ( D - G&S )   
          A Tisket A Tasket ( D* )                                 Double D Farm ( Sgl )                         What A Wonderful World ( S )
            Irish Jig ( D )                                                Primavera ( S* )                                   La Raspa ( D - Orozco )
       Mi Conejito ( D - Orozco )
                   JUNE                                                                   MULTI-CULTURAL/SPECIAL DANCES
       ABC Rock ( D - G&S )                            No Nos Moveran ( flow chart ) -  Cesar Chavez        Various Regions of Mexican Dance    
   The World is a Rainbow ( D - G&S )                      Macarena     Performance Piece                      Danza Azteca
            Hokey Pokey ( D )                                Rock y Banda   Quebradita                                      Disco
  The Green Grass Grew Around ( Sgl )                  Pata Pata      Black History                            Special Requests 

This system allows you to pick and choose the area of interest that meets your needs.  Please feel free to call or email Norma with any questions.  No group is too big or too small to instruct.    


In order to understand the dynamic choreography, excellence of instruction and the level of elegance of each presentation, you need to know about the principal influence behind Adelante Presentations - Mr. Ricardo Peinado.

Mr. Peinado was born April 20, 1937 and passed over on July 6, 1992.  He performed with dancer/singer Charro in Las Vegas and appeared on the Rosey Grier and Juliet Prowse Christmas Special television show.  He was a background dancer for the Joffrey Ballet.  He danced with Jose Greco, Isabel Morca, Elizabeth Waldo and the Graciela Tapia Mexican Dance Group.  He was trained in classical ballet, modern Spanish dance, jazz dance and studied Mexican dance with teachers of the Ballet Folklorico de Mexico.
In l973, he entered Seahawk Center at Harbor College and became an inspiration to many of the young dancers as they aspired to learn his original choreography which were in a category way beyond the level of the folklorico dancing being taught during the 70s and even today. This influence is still prominent in the teachings of Norma and Andy.  To this day, every step - every move - every zapateado is dedicated to their maestro, their choreographer,  their mentor and respected friend - Ricardo Peinado. 
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     Ricardo Peinado

Thriller Flash Mob Rehersal

Norma is now involved in a Flash Mob dance group hoping to break a world's record in October.  She is trying her best to learn the "Thrill The World" choreography to Michael Jackson'sThriller.  Come join us and learn some great moves.   If you would like further information, check out the Contact Page for partice rehearsal. 

Norma has created a Thriller Dance Matrix and Thriller Flow Chart to help new students learn the Thriller Dance with visual support.  These dance sheets are available to you if needed.  Just email Norma.